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Governor Eric Greitens recently released his budget proposal for 2018-19 and unfortunately he has not proposed any additional funding for nursing home residents in Missouri. This is on top of the 3.5% Medicaid rate cut that he proposed last year which means that nursing homes must provide care for our vulnerable residents at $25 less per patient per day than the state is funding them. On behalf of the over 100,000 seniors, family members and nursing facility employees, we urge the Governor and Legislators to provide increased funding for nursing home

How Does Missouri Medicaid Funding Compare to Nearby States?

  • Only 10% of the Medicaid payment for nursing home residents comes from the State. The remainder comes from other sources (self payment, the feder-al government, etc).
  • MO's General Fund funds 10% of the Medicaid payment rate compared to 25% in our surrounding states which is on average $18 per patient day less than our neighbors of AR, IA, NE, TN, KY, IL, OK and KS


If you feel that Missouri should not ignore our seniors, please join us in reaching out to our elected officials and ask them to provide adequate funding.

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